Saturday, June 12, 2010

My new toy

Ok, got some good news for everybody, I got my new notebook up and running (yay!) and felt it would be appropriate to write something about it, so this is a bit of a technical blog for a change.

Right, so let's get this thing going, specs are as follows:
Lenovo G550
Dual Core Celeron (think it 2.6Ghz, but hey, who gives a damn?)
2GB Ram
250GB SATA drive

Currently I'm running Ubuntu ultimate on it and I have to say it performs a lot better than my old Acer 4223wmi used to, the only small issue I have is the keyboard, it's your typical IBM clicky type keyboard which I actually love, but I spent so much time on the soft touch keyboard on the Acer that it just feels weird.

Anyway, that's about as technical as I want to get these days, so back to my screwy old style... that is, if you can actualy call it style!

Have you ever wondered if the USA actually ever landed man on the moon or was it just a giant hoax? Think about it and feel free to comment if you want me to say anything about it.

So now, on to my usual tip of the day, if you like drinking tea while working on your notebook, never get it too close to the keyboard... unless you have a Lenovo with waterproof keyboard, but still, it is a bad idea!

I really hope you find this tip usefull, for some of you it may be a bit too late, but hey, it's common sense.


A human kind of human said...

No comment... whatsoever! Careful, or you might just end up the first man on the moon - lol.

Smoke said...

Hmm. Interesting thought. Seeing that they had to fly there enamel dish through a microwave to get there. And a certain "sience" show on a certain "documentary" channel. Ok ok, mythbusters on discovery actually tried to debunk some of these myths.. In my opinion, the actually just proved it could all be done in studio.