Thursday, May 27, 2010

Back again

Ok, ok, I know it's been a while since my last blog post, but hey, what can I say? It's been a busy time and to be honest I didn't really have anything to write about.

So, you may be asking what's been happening in my life since my last post, to be honest, not much actually... I mean, sure, I became an uncle again, I started training one of my dogs, working on the farm and helping old clients with issues and that's about all there is. I know what you're thinking, boy, this guy has one BORING life! And I totally agree with you! My life has always been like this and to be honest, I kinda like it this way, thank you very much. Now, I challenge you to take a long, hard look at your own life and let's see how exciting it is...

Anyway, back to the post at hand and the way I currently feel and the way I think this country is going with all this soccer nonsense... Personally I think this country is going to be more screwed up after the soccer, sure, a couple of folks will make some money, but let's be honest, do our hospitals have the experience, funding and equipment to deal with any major issues? I think the world will see a different side of SA with the soccer, I think they will finally realise that this country is going to shit.

Now on to another issue I feel pretty strongly about, the current politacal climate is getting interesting and I can't help wondering why the ANCYL has to go for military training, I mean, who are they going to fight and why? I'll just leave it at that, before everybody starts shouting at me and accusing me of being politically incorrect.

Moving on with the program we find ourselves on the subject of.... who knows? Maybe you should comment and give me a topic to write about, challenge me... if you dare!

Oh, almost forgot my usual tips and tricks. I thought long and hard about this tip and I have to say, it really is usefull and since I'm in such a good mood I'm going to give you two tips today, first tip: when taking a leak, always face downwind and tip number two: when preparing chicken, make sure to tie its legs before chopping off the head.

So there you go, usefull advice on a useless blog. Feel free to donate.


A human kind of human said...

Thank you for the tips, I'll certainly pay attention to the first and the second I learned when I was a bout 4 years old... only difference, my Mom never tied up the legs, I had to hold them.

Shy the negativity about the soccer? It is not the soccer that is buggering up the country, it is the people and it started long before the soccer.

The ANCYL that is going for military training... please, oh please, send Juju to us! He might just find out he is not as popular as he thinks, even amongst the young ones. Seriously, it is not only the ANCYL that will be doing the training, in fact, National Service (of course with a new name) is coming back. The success with the MSD system sparked this decision and personally I think it could be an excellent thing... if done correctly.

Now the ball is in your court. Eagerly awaiting a reply... as they say in the Classics.

uncleandy82 said...

Well, let's start with the soccer, already the teams that have arrived have started complaining about the facilities not being up to scratch. And yes, I agree the people are the problem behind it and yes the problem have been there way before the soccer, but now finally the rest of the world will see it.

Next subject, Juju, yes, I agree, the police should have taken a step back and let the mob sort him out.

National Service is always a good thing to have, but let me ask this, why all of a sudden is it coming back? Are they expecting trouble from somewhere? And yes, I know national service has been there in peace time, but still it makes one think....