Wednesday, December 2, 2009

General issues....

Late again, I know, sorry about that, but let's be honest with each other, it's not like a million billion people are reading this.

Anyway, back to the subject. I recently met this girl..... and this blog will not be about her. This blog will in fact be what it's usually about: what ever pops into my mind, so sit back, strap yourself in and be prepared for a totally boring ride.

First off, people who know me might never have guessed it, but I actually don't like silence, I always need to have some music and recently I started reading a dummies book on how to play the guitar. It started off ok, wouldn't say great, but if you take into mind the amount of time I've been practicing (it's like 5 minutes in total) I'd say I'm above average so far, but then again I've always known I'm above average, not that I'm like some sort of genius or something, it's just that in the area where I am the average is a little bit lower than normal. For those of you who don't understand what I'm trying to say, let me make it clear: I'M SURROUNDED BY IDIOTS.

So now that thats off my chest, let's get back to the music issue.

My music collection is way to big, it's like 51GB and most of it is love songs and crap like that. Obviously all of it is illegal, so to the CIA and FBI and whoever has the crap job or reading blogs in the interest of “national safety” but is actually just wasting the US tax payers money I have this to say: My name is Andy, I'm in South Africa, feel free to come and arrest me, but please just bring a can of Dr Pepper with you!!!

Quick question, why is it that every time I find something I like it gets discontinued? I mean, there's Dr Pepper (got pulled out of SA), vanilla coke (just stopped making it), that smokey cheese twister from KFC (also just stopped making it). Why do they drop a good thing?

Then something that really bothers me, people who don't pay their debt. I have a certain client who moaned about the price and now for some reason is taking 2 months to pay, how should I handle it?
Another thing, friends who buy stuff from you and promise to pay the following month, nearly 6 months later I still haven't received anything except empty promises! Unfortunately that makes me feel like I should never ever do anything for them again, but still, it's a friend, so I feel just a touch bad about the asking what the heck is going on.

And this concluded my blog for the week. As usual I have a real good tip: never let a donkey kick you in the face.
So till next time, be good, if not, SEND PICS!

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A human kind of human said...

Thought I'll share this good tip with you: "Never take a sleeping pill and a laxative on the same night".