Wednesday, October 21, 2009

The wonders of self employment

I just love this whole "self employed" thing, I get up when I want, go to bed when I want, work when I want... best bit is, all the money I get in is MINE and not some asshole who demands 99% of it and then never pays out your commission or anything.

So anyway, couple of days ago I decided it's time to build myself a little project for the sheep, obviously it took a little bit longer than expected, but hey, who gives a damn?! ITS MY TIME! Nobody giving m crap about taking a little bit too long on a project, nobody phoning me and asking how far I am with their crap or anything! Gotta love it.

So here's my message to all you useless people out there, if you have a choice, GET FIRED!

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A human kind of human said...

HOW? I've been trying for the past 20 years and no success yet.