Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Stick to your promises

Ok, here's a question, is a guys word still a contract? In the old days his word was his honour and I still try to stick to it, but why promise one thing and then a week later you change it? Why promise anything from the start? Next question, if the guy changes his story every week or so, is he bullshitting us?

I'm starting to get the feeling the only way to fix this problem is with a baseball bat and a dark alley.

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A human kind of human said...

Yes, a man's word is still his honour, unfortunately the word honour has become outdated, just like the words honesty, dignity, courage, reliability, etc. In other words, all the good things that civilisation is supposed to be based on. I know it is sad, but it is also true. The fashion now is "human rights" and that normally means only one human at a time - Numero Uno - and bugger the rest. I am okay Jack!